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How to prevent your Mac to sleep when closing lid

The MacBook series automatically goes to sleep when you close the screen, but you may not want to put it to sleep. Here, I will explain in detail the two steps, one using the standard Mac functions and the other using the app, with illustrations.
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How to prevent your Mac to sleep

Learn how to keep your Mac display and console from sleeping. In addition to the standard Mac functions, there are other ways to use apps or execute commands in the terminal, but I will explain in detail with illustrations.
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Mac Recommend Apps

A list of articles about recommended Mac apps.
Mac recommend apps

How to use the Mac sleep control app “Amphetamine”

I will explain how to use the Mac sleep control application "Amphetamine" in an easy-to-understand manner with illustrations. This app is very versatile, but if you master the basic usage first and then learn the detailed usage as needed, you will not get lost.
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Wallpaper list for macOS 11 Big Sur

Here is a list of about 40 types of wallpapers that are installed as standard on macOS 11 Big Sur with images. It also provides instructions on how to display the wallpaper storage location.
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Mac Desktop

A list of articles about Mac app management, file and disk management, and how to use apps.
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How to temporarily turn your Mac’s trackpad on / off (enabled / disabled)

I think that many people are frustrated by the fact that the trackpad of recent MacBooks has become larger than necessary, and the cursor moves when the palm hits during key typing. So, on this page, I'll show you how to consciously turn the trackpad on and off with illustrations.
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Introducing 5 Mac apps that temporarily prohibit sleep / change the start time

On Mac, you can set the sleep time as a standard function, but you may want to temporarily disable sleep or change the sleep time. In this article, we actually used an app that meets those needs and compared it.
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Memory upgrade information for each Mac model

Information on memory expansion is posted for each Mac model. Information on the maximum memory size, number of memory slots, and supported memory specs will be provided based on whether or not memory can be upgraded.