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How to find out when you don’t know where to save your Mac screenshots

When you take a screenshot of your Mac, the image file is saved on your desktop by default. Here's how to find out where to save the image file if you can't find it even if you hear a clicking sound when you take a screenshot.
Mac desktop

How to change keyboard shortcuts in Mac screenshots

I will show you how to change keyboard shortcuts in Mac screenshots with Illustrated detailed instructions. If you think the default keyboard shortcuts are hard to press and hard to use, please try changing it.
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How to crop a screenshot on your Mac

Here's how to crop a part of the screen when taking a screenshot on a Mac. Here, the two methods are explained in detail with illustrations. I also compare the advantages and disadvantages.
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How to save a Mac screenshot to the clipboard and use it for pasting

Sometimes you want to take a screenshot on your Mac and use it in other apps.Here's how to copy it directly to the clipboard and paste it in another app without having to save it to an image file. I will also show you how to check the contents of the clipboard.
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How to ban screenshot on Mac

I will show you how to ban screenshot and recordingon your Mac. Please refer to it when you want to ban screenshots for security at school or work.
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Learn the basics of how to take screenshots on your Mac

There are many things you can do with the screenshot function of the Mac, and I think it's hard to understand at first glance. Therefore, it is recommended that you first grasp the basic flow and learn the detailed functions as needed. So, this page explains the basics of Mac screenshots in an easy-to-understand manner using flowcharts and illustrations.
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Symptom-specific solutions when screenshots are not available on Mac

Here are some solutions for when you can't take screenshots on your Mac, by symptom pattern. For example, I will isolate from the symptoms such as whether or not there is a sound when taking a screenshot.
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Use tag and smart folder functions with “Apple Notes” on Mac

From macOS 12 Monterey, a new feature called “Tag” is available in the genuine Apple “Notes” app. On this page, I will introduce the advantage and disadvantage of "Tag", basic usage, and "Smart Folder" that is closely related to "Tag".
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How to use “Quick Note” on Mac

From macOS 12 Monterey, a new feature called “Quick Note” is available in the genuine Apple “Notes” app. On this page, I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of “Quick Note”, basic usage, and precautions.
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What is the recommended Mac free antivirus software I actually used?

As for free antivirus software for Mac, there used to be a standard software called Sophos in the past, but it is no longer open to the public. So, I tried using all the free antivirus software that is often talked about on the net, so I will introduce which one is recommended.