Use tag and smart folder functions with “Apple Notes” on Mac

Updated : Nov 22, 2021

From macOS 12 Monterey, a new feature called “Tag” is available in the genuine Apple “Notes” app.

On this page, I will introduce the advantage and disadvantage of “Tag”, basic usage, and “Smart Folder” that is closely related to “Tag”.

“Tag” can be used with the following OS versions of Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

macOS12 MontereyFull functionality
iPadOS15Full functionality
iOS15Full functionality

Advantages and disadvantages of Tag


  • You can organize your notes in different categories than the one in folders.
Apple Notes
Mr. Otter
Mr. Otter

There is also the idea that “when you search for a memo, you should search”, but in many other competing notes apps, the tag function can be used normally.

In that sense, isn’t it the long-awaited feature?


  • On OSs that do not support tags, tagged notes are not displayed at all.
Mr. Otter
Mr. Otter

I made a tagged note on my iMac at home and tried to see it on my old iPad on the go, but it didn’t show up at all!

Please be careful because there is something like that!


To set tags

There are 3 ways to set tags:

① Set while entering characters

In the genuine “Apple Notes” app, enter # while entering characters.

If any tag has already been used, a list of tags will be displayed, from which you can select.

【Video to select a tag from the list】

Alternatively, if you want to set a new tag that isn’t in the list, type whatever you want and finally type return (enter) on your keyboard.

Then, the tagged characters will be displayed in yellow.

【Video to enter a tag】

② Set from the right-click menu

You can also select and set multiple notes.

You can check the set tags by right-clicking on the notes.

If there is a checked mark, it has be set.

If you select the tag that is not checked, the tag will be set.

Apple Notes right-click menu

③ Set by drag and drop

You can also select and set multiple notes.

【Video to tag multiple notes by drag and drop】


To display notes that tags related with

① Select one tag

From the “Tags” list at the bottom left of the genuine “Apple Notes” app, click the appropriate tag to display the memo containing that tag on the screen on the right.

【With one tag selected】

Apple Notes one tag selected

② Deselect

Also, with the tag selected, click it again to deselect it.

③ Select multiple tags

If multiple tags are selected, notes containing all the selected tags will be displayed.

With multiple tags selected】

Apple Notes multiple tags selected

To remove tags

To remove tags, they must be removed from all notes that contain them you want to remove.

There are 2 ways to remove tags:

① Delete from the right-click menu

You can check the set tags by right-clicking on the note.

If there are check marks, it has be set.

If you select the checked tag, the tag will be removed.


② Open notes one by one and manually remove tags

Open the note and the yellow letter with # is the tag, so delete it with on your keyboard.


How to use the smart folder function

It is convenient to use the “Smart Folder” function for frequently used combinations of multiple tags.

Apple Notes smart folder selected

Below is how to create a smart folder.

▶ Click “New Folder” at the bottom left of the app “Apple Notes”.

Apple Notes new folder

▶ Click “Smart Folder” from the displayed items.

Apple Notes smart folder

▶ When the setting screen opens, set the folder name and tags.

You can set multiple tags.

Apple Notes smart folder


Reference information

Use tags and Smart Folders in Notes on Mac
In Notes on your Mac, use tags and Smart Folders to categorize and organize your notes.


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