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What is the recommended Mac free antivirus software I actually used?

As for free antivirus software for Mac, there used to be a standard software called Sophos in the past, but it is no longer open to the public. So, I tried using all the free antivirus software that is often talked about on the net, so I will introduce which one is recommended.
Mac security

Data migration from LastPass to Bitwarden on Mac

I will explain the migration procedure from LastPass to Bitwarden on this page. They are the password management services for PCs and smartphones, but LastPass has changed terms Mar 2021, I think many people searching for alternatives for LastPass. This page show you that a data migration method, extension function, and application installation method.
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【Summary】Mac HDD / SSD replacement

I will explain in detail the procedure for replacing (replacement) the internal HDD / SSD of Mac with photos for each model. Macs up to the first half of the 2010s can be replaced relatively easily, so if you want to replace it with a large-capacity HDD or speed up the processing speed with an SSD, try that.
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【Summary】 Mac clipboard function

I introduce you know-how articles on using the clipboard on Mac. Basics of usage, troubleshooting, recommended application introduction, etc. In addition to the normal clipboard, I will also introduce a function called "Universal Clipboard" that links Apple products.
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【Summary】 Sidecar feature on Mac and iPad

I have summarized the know-how when using the SideCar function on Mac and iPad. Introducing compatible models and basic usage, troubleshooting, and alternative apps for SideCar.
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【Summary】 Mac wallpaper (Desktop picture)

This is a summary page of the article list about Mac wallpaper (desktop picture). The content of the article is about how to use the standard wallpaper function of Mac and how to get a new wallpaper.
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How to take a screenshot by scrolling a vertically long screen on Mac

I will introduce you how to take a screenshot of the entire screen that is long need to scroll on your Mac. There are two main patterns, one is to capture a web page and the other is to capture a screen of an application other than the web.
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Mac + iPad, Basic usage of Sidecar

For those who are new to Sidecar on Mac and iPad, I will introduce the basic usage in an easy-to-understand conversational format of animal characters. Sidecar is a function that realizes multi-display of Mac using the screen of iPad.
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Basics of how to use the universal clipboard

Mac / iPhone / iPad / iPod touch using the same Apple ID has a function called "Universal Clipboard" that allows you to share the clipboard. On this page, I will explain the system requirements and setting methods with illustrations.
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How to check and list Sidecar compatible models of Mac and iPad

"Sidecar" has been available since macOS 10.15 Catalina and iPad OS 13, but here's how to find out which Macs and iPads are compatible, and a list of compatible models. Not only does it have a compatible OS, but you can't use "Sidecar" unless it's a compatible model.