How to undo what you edited in “” on Mac

Updated : Nov 28, 2021

I will introduce how to undo your edits in the “” on your Mac.

In addition to the illustration of the specific operation method, the points to be noted are also explained.


Two ways to undo what you edited in “” on Mac

In “” on Mac, you can undo the contents of files in two ways:

① Undo / RedoUndo : Cancel the edited contents before saving
Redo : Cancel cancellation (Cancel undo)
② Revert from file historiesGo back to the saved past history

“① Undo / Redo” are methods to undo the edited contents before saving.

Therefore, it is not possible to revert to the contents edited in the past than when they were saved.

In that case, you can revert them by clicking “② Revert from file histories”, but the contents that can be restored are limited to the contents at the time of saving.

The above can be represented in an image diagram as follows.

They have been edited and saved several times from the past to the present.

Mac Undo / Redo, Revert in ""
Click to enlarge

Please note about “② Revert from file histories”.

In “” on Mac, in addition to saving the file consciously by the user, the file is also saved at the next timing.

A version is saved automatically every hour, or more frequently when you’re making many changes. A version is also saved when you open, save, duplicate, lock, rename, or revert a document.

① Undo /Redo

This method can only revert the edited histories before saving the file.

▶ On Mac genuine app “”, select “Edit” -> “Undo” or “Edit” -> “Redo” from the menu bar.

Undo the last edit“Edit” -> “Undo”
Cancel the last undo“Edit” -> “Redo”
Mac "" Undo / Redo

② Revert from file histories

▶ Open the file you want to restore from the file history in “”.

In the example below, the photo file will be opened.

Mac Finder

▶ After opening the file, select “File” -> “Revert To” -> “Browse All Versions…” from the menu bar as shown.

Mac "" Revert

▶ After switching to the Time Machine file history management screen as shown in the figure, operate the buttons in the up and down directions pointed by the arrows to search for the file history until the contents of the version you want to restore are displayed.

Mac "" Revert

▶ When you find the version file you want to revert to, revert the file.

You can choose from the following two reversion methods.

Revert by overwriting
the current file
Click the button “Restore”
Create and revert a file
with a different name
(So-called save as)
Hold down option ⌥ on your keyboard
and click the button “Restore a Copy”

【Revert by overwriting the current file】

Mac "" Revert
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【Create and revert a file with a different name】

Mac "" Revert
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