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Updated : Nov 23, 2021

This is a summary page of the article list about Mac wallpaper (desktop picture).

The content of the article is about how to use the standard wallpaper function of Mac and how to get a new wallpaper.



Mac standard wallpaper function


How to change the wallpaper

It is well known how to change the wallpaper of Mac from “System Preferences”, but I also introduce how to change it from Finder, Photo App, Sarfari.

In addition, it also introduces a detailed explanation of how to set the wallpaper in “System Preferences”.

The terms in “System Preferences” is a bit confusing, so if you’re not sure about the settings, please refer to my article.

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Wallpaper storage location

I deescribe where to store standard Mac wallpapers.

The wallpaper saved differs depending on the version of macOS, so please refer to it when you want to use your favorite wallpaper on other Macs.

Please note that the storage location has changed between macOS 10.14 Mojave and 10.15 Catalina or later.

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Macに最初から入っている壁紙(デスクトップピクチャ)の保存場所について解説します。macOS 10.14 Mojaveまでの場所と、10.15 Catalina以降では異なるので、注意が必要です。


Default wallpapers list

Here is a list of wallpapers saved as standard on macOS.

In addition to the thumbnail images of all wallpapers, the titles are also introduced.

If you want to know what kind of wallpaper is saved, please refer to it.

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Wallpaper list for macOS 11 Big Sur
Here is a list of about 40 types of wallpapers that are installed as standard on macOS 11 Big Sur wi...



Add wallpapers to Mac

Photo album

Get wallpapers from image sharing site “Unsplash”

The image sharing site “Unsplash” has a large number of high-quality images for free.

You can download it directly from there and set it as wallpaper, but here I will show you how to set your Mac wallpaper on a daily basis using a dedicated app.

It also briefly introduces what kind of site “Unsplash” is.

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Macの日替わり壁紙変更アプリ「Unsplash Wallpapers」
Macで日替わりで壁紙(デスクトップピクチャ)を実行するアプリはいくつかありますが、この記事では「Unsplash Wallpapers」を紹介します。どういった特徴があるのか、インストールや使い方な...


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