【Summary】 Sidecar feature on Mac and iPad

Updated : Nov 23, 2021
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I have summarized the know-how when using the SideCar function on Mac and iPad.

Introducing compatible models and basic usage, troubleshooting, and alternative apps for SideCar.



① Sidecar standard feature for Mac + iPad

How to check the compatible models of Sidecar

I introduce how to check Sidecar compatible Mac and iPad.

Since it can be searched from two pieces of information, “Model” and “EMC” of Mac and iPad, it is explained in detail with illustrations.

It also contains a list of Sidecar compatible models.

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How to check and list Sidecar compatible models of Mac and iPad
"Sidecar" has been available since macOS 10.15 Catalina and iPad OS 13, but here's how to find out w...

Basic usage of Sidecar

There are various ways to use Sidecar, from the content that you can understand naturally with a little use, to the content that you can not understand unless you investigate it behind the scenes.

Here, “If you know them much, you can use Sidecar enough” are introduced in detail with illustrations.

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Mac + iPad, Basic usage of Sidecar
For those who are new to Sidecar on Mac and iPad, I will introduce the basic usage in an easy-to-und...

What to do if you can’t use Sidecar

One day, Sidecar may suddenly become unreachable or unusable.

People who are accustomed to using Sidecar often remember the solution naturally from experience, but those who have started using it will not be able to use it and will be in trouble.

Therefore, I will explain the solution one by one.

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Sidecar unable to connect (device time out, etc.)
I have summarized in detail the causes and remedies when Sidecar cannot be used on Mac and iPad with...

“Trust settings” for Mac and iPad / iPhone

When using Sidecar with a wired connection with a USB cable, “Trust Settings” is required on both Mac and iPad.

At first glance, even if it seems to be a wired connection, there are many cases where it is actually a Wi-Fi connection because “Trust setting” is not done, so follow the procedure of “Trust setting” including the check method. Explains.

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"Trust settings" when connecting Mac and iPad / iPhone via USB
In order to connect iPhone / iPad and Mac via USB for backup or use Sidecar, it is necessary to set ...



② Sidecar advanced use on Mac + iPad

Try using it on a Mac that does not support Sidecar

Sidecar can only be used with compatible models of Mac, iPad, and OS.

However, there is a method of forcibly using it using free software, so I will review the procedure and situation that I actually tried using it.

We also review the results of using a similar app similar to Sidecar.

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macOS 10.15 Catalinaから導入されたSidecarはiPadが外部ディスプレイとして使えますが、比較的最近のMacでないと対応していません。ネットで検索すると強制的に対応させる方法が...

Use iPad as Mac mini’s main display with Sidecar

Normally, SIdecar can only be set on the second display and above, not on the main display.

Here’s how to use AppleScript to use Sidecar on your Mac mini + iPad to make it your main display.

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Mac mini起動時にiPadをメインディスプレイに自動設定
Sidecar機能を使い、iPad1台だけでMac miniのディスプレイにする方法を紹介します。通常はSidecarはセカンドディスプレイにしか設定できませんが、Mac起動時にAppleScript...



List of articles

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① Sidecar standard feature for Mac + iPad

② Sidecar advanced use on Mac + iPad


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