“Trust settings” when connecting Mac and iPad / iPhone via USB

Updated : Nov 23, 2021

In order to connect iPhone / iPad and Mac via USB for backup or use Sidecar, it is necessary to set “Trust settings”.

This page provides illustrated and easy-to-understand instructions for both setup and reset.



Mac and iPad / iPhone “Trust Settings” steps

▶ Connect your Mac and iPad / iPhone with a USB cable.


▶ Bring the Finder to the front on your Mac and click on the iPad / iPhone in the left sidebar.
Then, the iPad / iPhone information will be displayed on the right side, so click the “Trust” button.

iPad "Trust Setting"


▶ If “Trust This Computer?” is displayed on the iPad / iPhone screen, tap “Trust”.

iPad "Trust Setting"


▶ The screen for entering the passcode will be displayed on the iPad / iPhone screen, enter the passcode set for the iPad / iPhone.

iPad "Trust Setting"

▶ When you return to the Mac screen, the message “Welcome to Your New iPad / iPhone” is displayed as shown in the figure,  select “Set up as newiPad / iPhone” and click the “Continue” button.

Please note that if you select “Restore from this backup”, the data backed up in the past will overwrite your iPad / iPhone.

iPad "Trust Setting"


▶ While the process is in progress, the progress is displayed as shown in the figure.
It takes about 5 minutes, so wait for a while until it finishes.


▶ When the process is completed, a bar graph of the data type in the iPad / iPhone will be displayed as shown in the figure.
This completes “Trust setting”.

iPad "Trust Setting"



Procedure for resetting “Trust Settings”

If you reset the “Trust settings” with this procedure, all the location information settings of the app will also be reset.
Therefore, when you start the installed application, the confirmation screen as shown in the figure is displayed only for the first time after reset.

iPad "Trust Setting"


▶ Open the “Settings” app on your iPad / iPhone.

iPad "Settings" app


▶ When the “Settings” app opens, tap “General”-“Reset”.

iPad "Trust Setting"

▶ When “Reset” opens, tap “Reset location and privacy”.

iPad "Trust Setting"

▶ When the message “Reset settings reset location and privacy settings to factory default settings” is displayed as shown, tap “Reset”.


▶ When the screen for entering the passcode is displayed, enter the passcode set for the iPad / iPhone.
This completes the reset of “Trust settings”.

iPad "Trust Setting"




Reference information

About the 'Trust This Computer' alert message on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
Learn about trusted computers and find out how to change your settings.



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